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What We Can Do for You

Wedding Venue Decorations


We will provide you with the best venue options matching to your needs and participants/visitors capacity.


Technical Support

During the installation and show dates our team will take care of needed facilities: electrical, water, internet, registration and etc.

UX Design Team

Design Services

We provide full range of design services including branding and interior design .


Interactive Solutions

CROWD POSITION Design focused on the latest technologies implementing it in each and every project.


Innovative Technologies

We offer a wide range of services including 3D Mapping, Holograms, content creation and installation.


Animation Content

CROWD POSITION Design creating cartoons, advertisement, promotions and 3d video for mapping

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Client Management

Keep exhibitors and visitors management for our experienced team, using latest software for management and marketing.


Photo & Videography

Don’t forget to order photography/videography services from Crowd Position to boost your event in social.


Drone survey

We are providing new services to construction and heritage site’s that helps businesses to be digitalized and monitored by your engineers and detect all progress on the ground.

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